I built my active electrodes following Pedro Ortega's instructions (http://www.dcc.uchile.cl/~peortega/ae/)

Thank Pedro :-)


My active electrode instead of gold-pins I used rounded silver-coated copper wire.

There is an aluminum-foil shielding under the insulating tape.

TLC272 IC is mounted on the IC-package. That's why my electrode is a little bulky.

Everything inside the electrode is covered using glue-gun.



You can see the electrode with a piece of paper soaked in saline solution.




It's my DRL electrode made of the silver-coated 2mm copper wire.



3 x teeth grinding. Electrodes in O1-O2 points.



beta signal as you can see it's a little noisy (50 Hz hum). Using dry electrode.

Electrodes in O1-O2 points.




the same situation with alpha. Using dry electrode. Electrodes in O1-O2 points.




Normal beta activity. No 50 Hz hum this time. Electrode's paper was soaked in saline.

Electrodes in O1-O2 points.



Increased alpha activity. No noise again, wet electrode again.

Electrodes in O1-O2 points.


To the left beta waves, in the middle alpha, to the right i moved to capture the screen.

Wet electrode was used. Electrodes in O1-O2 points.



Here's my little alpha training. Red peaks are teeth-grinds I used as markers.

Green line is alpha. Between 2nd and 3rd peak (6-19 min.) Ilistened to 10 Hz binaural beats.

Between 3rd and 4th peak (19.5 to 21.5 min.) I stopped listening and opened my eyes.

Between 4th and 5th peak (around 23.1 min.) i just closed my eyes (no BBs).

Electrodes in O1-O2 points.