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Topic: Coherence
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PostPosted: Dec 11, 2018 4:52 PM    Post subject: Coherence


I got a question from another user about coherence. He has compared bioera and bioexplorer coherence values with odd results. I did a comparison at my office sequentially using BioEra pro and BioExplorer. The coherence values are very different. BioEra pro being much higher. It looked almost like a negative correlation. When I used 1-In one in an expression evaluator the values were much closer. I knoew the two use a different methods and that you use thatchers algorithm. These differences are puzzling to me

Thanks for any help


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PostPosted: Dec 11, 2018 6:36 PM    Post subject:

I don't know anything about how bioexplorer does it, so I have no way to explain the difference.

It could be a matter of comparing over longer time periods (and averaging). Just a guess though, might not be the case at all.

I have been using the BioEra coherence a lot, training myself (probably close to a thousand hours). It has worked for me better than any other method I ever tried, but it could be related to how I was using it (with continuous audio feedback and binaural beats). I did try once or twice the bioexplorer's coherence training, it didn't work for me at all so I never used it again. If the bioexplorer's algorithm was open, I would be able to tell more.
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