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Topic: nested design original name.
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PostPosted: Feb 1, 2019 9:56 AM    Post subject: nested design original name.

Jarek I am using version 4.065 and have encountered a problem. WHen creating a nested design i add a nested properties and give use it to give the nested design and initial name. When I load the nested design into an existing design The initial name appears for and instant but then reverts to "nested" If I use open nested design and look inside the proper name is listed in the nested properties element but never showe up in the body of the design.

Any suggestions



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PostPosted: Feb 1, 2019 10:14 AM    Post subject:

I couldn't reproduce it. I suspect I didn't do it exactly like you did.

1. Created a nested design with Properties (and NestedInputs, nothing else), and gave it initial name: "My Name", saved it.
2. Created another new design, added NestedDesign element and pointed to the above
3. I see "My Name" on that nested design.

I probably missed something you did which causes that.

I can also look at your design if you have something small to send to me.
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