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Topic: Rate Limiter
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PostPosted: Mar 5, 2020 11:54 PM    Post subject: Rate Limiter

What does Rate Limiter do when more samples arrive than it will send? The manual for Rate Limiter 2 says there's a checkbox for "Deliver last sample" which I don't see in the element. It seems to be a feature that would discard any unsent values. Without that feature selected do the input values queue and are sent in FIFO order?

How do the Rate Limiters differ from Rate Normalizer? The description seems similar.

In Rate Normalizer, is output rate the number of samples per second?

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PostPosted: Mar 6, 2020 10:17 AM    Post subject:

RateLimiter2 does have this checkbox, I see it. If this option is set, then the last (buffered) sample will be sent out immediately when the "Time range" ends. If this is not set, then when the "Time range" ends, there will be nothing sent out immediately, until next input sample arrives. This is useful with very uneven input rates. There is no FIFO here, only the last sample is remembered. So the output rate is guaranteed to be never higher, but it can be lower (depending on the input rate).

RateNormalizer on the other hand does have FIFO. It keeps the rate constant (unless there is not enough input data, or there is too much to hold in FIFO which will then result in "buffer overflow" error on console).

Yes, Rate is in general number of samples per second when processing in real time. In batch mode the time is measured based on the source's rate.
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