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Topic: Runtime2
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Joined: Jul 8, 2020
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PostPosted: Oct 28, 2020 9:49 AM    Post subject: Runtime2

I am starting to make a design in which i require to use both runtime 2 and 1 .a big part of my design should be in runtime 2 , I was wondering if runtime 2 has any limitation that i should know before starting my design? I mean is there any applications that cant be used in runtime 2? any restriction or so on? thanks in advance for replying.

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PostPosted: Oct 28, 2020 5:21 PM    Post subject:

The Runtime1 is more often used, so tested better. But I am not aware of any problems or limitations with Runtime2.

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PostPosted: Nov 10, 2020 1:32 PM    Post subject:

I just saw your post. I make heavy use of runtime 2 in my designs and have never encountered a problem
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