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Topic: Help ! I need the othmers protocol designs
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PostPosted: Sep 9, 2022 11:05 PM    Post subject: Help ! I need the othmers protocol designs

I m looking for othmers protocol designs . someone please help me . I can even buy it . Give me some references , even therapists , to purchase , if you can .

I was undergoing othmers neurofeedback and planning to continue using it at home .

I know the reward band , the inhibits , the frequency to train and the areas of brain i need to train . I know my specification . Need both audio and video feedback .

But I cant design , given my back pain and carpel tunnel syndrome .

I am Planning to buy a neurobit optima 2 or 4 channel .

I will be using synchrony training ( 10 hz) , alpha theta and a basic design where I can increase or decrease frequency to find the optimal frequency wherever area I

choose to train .. The protocol are based on othmers method .

any help will be greatly appreciated


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