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Topic: Trigger Design from ComboToolbarControl
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Joined: Jan 11, 2023
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PostPosted: Apr 14, 2023 7:56 AM    Post subject: Trigger Design from ComboToolbarControl

Hello Jarek and others,

I am exploring a way to trigger a design from a ComboToolbarControl. I use DesignInteractor, where I can

trigger opening a design with a logical input. When I us a Button element, the DesignInteractor triggers the

design, because the Button element has a logical Out. But with the ComboToolbarControl I can not find a

way to trigger the DesignInteractor. Would somebody be so kind to give me some hints how to solve that or

give other solutions/ideas? I also had the idea of using the Source-Selector for that?


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PostPosted: Apr 14, 2023 1:14 PM    Post subject:

Logical data is equivalent to Scalar data, where 1 is TRUE and 0 is FALSE. Or (with some elements) anything >0 is TRUE, and anything <= 0 is FALSE.

So it might be as simple as use the Scalar version of the ComboToolbarControl, and use its Index output or Value output.

To be able to select more than one logical output from the ComboToolbarControl, connect the Index output to ScalarSet element, and then set the list of value there to either 1 (TRUE) or 0 (FALSE) for each index.
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